Fort Worth Opera has many set pieces and costumes for rent. The following sets are currently available. For more information on rentals, contact Max Parrilla, Director of Production, at 817.288.1231 or

Die Fledermaus

A remnant of the collapse of Baltimore Opera, this sparkling production was saved from destruction. A whimsical front curtain, a partitioned-out house and a luxurious ballroom with poufs, fountains, and potted palms give a festive air to the party scenes.

“The sets – particularly the cross-section of the Eisenstein mansion, which displayed a study, the master bedroom, and connecting corridor – were fantastic, as were the costumes.” Josephine Yun, here Baltimore City Paper

Daughter of the Regiment

This whimsical set has the air of minimalism while providing a variety of avenues for interaction.  A three piece, ever-present, mountainous backdrop compliments the Act I camp site and Act II home.

“Simple hangings, designed by Boyd Ostroff…favor a storybook look for the rustic Tyrolean setting. The Marquise’s interior is evoked with just outlines of pilasters, door frames, and hearth.” Scott Cantrell,… Dallas Morning News